Proven with Experience…and Science
– by Sydney Skin Expert, Sia Hendry

Clinicals skincare was formulated by leading skin specialist, Sia Hendry. Her philosophy is to work with the skin and not against it. She doesn’t believe in damaging the surface (epidermis) of the skin.

She believes that even though we might see the skin concerns appearing in the top layer, it is actually the deeper level of the skin (the dermis) where just about all the problems actually occur…except for pigmentation.

Sia says: “Think of the surface of the skin as a way to communicate with you when things are not correct or damaged underneath and or internally.

It makes sense then, that unless you can reach and treat that deeper layer of the skin, all you are really doing is painting a damaged canvas with beautiful oils. This allows for everything to look great for a period of time and then eventually the canvas caves in, and you think, what happened? I used all these creams, I had all these treatments, what went wrong?”

Sia is a busy Mum-of-two, lives in Sydney, Australia, and designed the range for herself first, to see whether it could work and reduce the need for ongoing regular skin treatments.

After 3 years of research and multiple formulations, she had developed a skincare range that delivered, addressing skin concerns such as redness/capillaries, wrinkles, ageing, pores, texture and pigmentation.

The result is Clinicals Dermally Active Skincare. This skincare product range is the embodiment of Sia’s philosophy on skin, and utilises cellular skin science principles and natural ingredients, fused with beauty-relevant processes and packaging.

For more information on the Clinicals skincare product range, please read more here.

For more insights into the natural ingredients used in every product, please see the Key Ingredients table on each product page.

Clinicals Dermally Active Skincare Products - A Unique Approach to the Future of Skincare.

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“Clinicals products are exceptionally good. Am using and absolutely loving the Clinicals Minc Natural Moisturiser. This superior sunscreen formula feels amazing on my skin! Thank you Sia for providing the perfect skin care collection for all skin types!”

-Karen Jewell

“I live in outback South West QLD where QLD meets NSW and SA. The desert climate and water are harsh on my skin and dehydrating. There is no way I would be without my daily routine of Clinicals Release and Clinicals Alleviate AM and PM products - I now glow in the desert rather than shrivel.”

-Emma Osman

"I thought there was nothing that could be done to help my red and sensitive skin, as I have tried so many products in the past. After 6 weeks my skin is showing a dramatic improvement. I am so happy, thank you!"


"I love how this product have calmed my skin and improved my complexion!"


"I suffered from bad marks on my skin from teen acne. I have clear skin but couldn’t remove the marks after using so many products. I was recommended to use the Clinicals range and my skin is almost clear after using the products for 3 months. Thank you."