Become a Stockist

Thank you for your interest in registering to become Clinicals SkinCare Stockist. Clinicals believe it is essential for our Stockists to model a clinical and professional environment which is in keeping with the integrity of our Clinicals Brand.   To become a Clinicals Stockist we do require the following qualifications:

  • All Stockists must provide a Business Name and ABN.
  • Before opening an account, we require one of the following credentials: Dermatology, Aesthetics, Nursing, Physician, Beauty Certificate IV or Diploma in Beauty.
  • We require a professional clinical / salon environment with the competence to provide a skin analysis prior to prescribing the Clinicals skincare range to a client or patient.
  • Stockists will be able to sell the Clinicals  skincare range on their website at recommended retail price only. No discounts online permitted.
  • No third party (eCommerce) online sales will be permitted.

Internet Sales Policy

To protect the integrity and reputation of the Clinicals brand and our Stockists, Clinicals will allow online sales of the Clinicals products on the internet subject to the following restrictions;

  1. Clinicals products may be sold only by approved licensed skincare professionals (no third party sales are permitted).
  2. Clinicals products must be advertised at or above the suggested retail price only.
  3. The Company requires that the following disclaimer be posted on any web page where  Clinicals products appear, Clinicals products are formulated to be sold in conjunction with professional skin care direction only. While in-person appointments may not be necessary to purchase Clinicals products recommends skincare professional assistance to help select products correctly suited for an individual’s skin care needs.
  4. Clinicals  products may be sold and shipped to customers within Australia only. No Clinicals products may be sold or shipped to territories or countries located outside of Australia.
  5. The stockist may not on sell, resell or place the Clinicals range onto other sites or third party websites other than their own.
  6. No third-party e-commerce sites are permitted to sell Clinicals products.

If an unauthorized website is advertising Clinicals products below the recommended retail price, please contact our offices immediately and submit a “Unauthorised Internet Sale .” Clinicals will actively pursue any website that sells Clinicals products below the Recommended Retail Price. Failure to comply with all Internet Sales restrictions may result in suspension and/or termination of an account.

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“Clinicals products are exceptionally good. Am using and absolutely loving the Clinicals Minc Natural Moisturiser. This superior sunscreen formula feels amazing on my skin! Thank you Sia for providing the perfect skin care collection for all skin types!”

-Karen Jewell

“I live in outback South West QLD where QLD meets NSW and SA. The desert climate and water are harsh on my skin and dehydrating. There is no way I would be without my daily routine of Clinicals Release and Clinicals Alleviate AM and PM products - I now glow in the desert rather than shrivel.”

-Emma Osman

"I thought there was nothing that could be done to help my red and sensitive skin, as I have tried so many products in the past. After 6 weeks my skin is showing a dramatic improvement. I am so happy, thank you!"


"I love how this product have calmed my skin and improved my complexion!"


"I suffered from bad marks on my skin from teen acne. I have clear skin but couldn’t remove the marks after using so many products. I was recommended to use the Clinicals range and my skin is almost clear after using the products for 3 months. Thank you."