When winter drags on, your skin simply flakes out or becomes hyper-sensitive, as it is not used to the cold temperatures requiring it to keep your body temperature constantly heated. Another function of your skin is to keep skin hydrated, which it cannot do effectively if it is battling the elements, so you need to boost your winter skincare potency in the cleansing, moisturising and other products you may be using. Here is how to do it, in 5 steps:

Step 1. Review your existing skincare products

Keep it simple: There is no reason why you should be using a multitude of skincare products unless you have specific skin conditions such as acne-prone skin or hyper-pigmentation.

There is also no reason to change your skincare products from season to season if you are using the correct combination of products in your skincare routine.

Check the use by dates on your skincare products: this is a contributing factor to skin degradation so make sure you are using the most potent version of your existing skincare product, and if you intend to add products into your routine, make sure that they work with all the other products in your range, in order to minimise skin irritations.

Step 2. Try an all in one approach to your skincare routine

As a standard skincare routine, year-round, your skincare routine can be as easy ‘as ABC’:

1. Cleansing

Removing surface impurities and makeup, twice a day at the start and finish before you go to sleep, to allow your skin to breathe.

Clinicals Clenz can be used for makeup removal and to strip away dirt without stripping your skin, morning and night. It is also suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin and free from harmful chemicals, and adds potency through active botanicals such as Ginko Biloba extract, Vitamin E and Lactic Acid.

Clinicals Clenz Hydrating Antioxidant Facial Cleansing Foam with Lid

2. Exfoliation

Never, ever use damaging acids, chemical peels or abrasive products on the top layer of your skin, it is working hard to protect the layers underneath and will always react by trying to build up scar tissue or thicker skin layers. Use an exfoliating cleanser to minimise your product use, or if your skin needs a little extra help to manage excess oil or hyper-pigmentation, try Erase Delicate Resurfacing Mask, which employs potent antioxidants in a cellular skin care approach to promote elastin and collagen production through gentle resurfacing.

3. Moisturising

Using products that deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin enables the skin to hydrate and retain moisture. Serums, boosters and sunblock work in this stage of your skincare routine (see below for more information).

Step 3. Add UV sun protection every day

Use UV sun protection that has actives in a form that does not damage your skin or causes it react negatively to the sun protection. For example, use a sunblock that sits on top of the skin to deflect UVA / UVB rays, not a suncream that sends harmful chemicals into the skin.

As an added layer of protection, your sunblock can then aid your skin in its own hydration and sending moisture to the upper layers of the skin, which will, in turn, protect the skin from looking aged, sagging, dull or dry.

Clinicals MINC is a new lightweight, antioxidant sunblock offering broad spectrum (UVA and UVB protection) benefits and provides hydration and protection with a combination of high-strength zinc and effective antioxidants.

Clinicals Minc Natural Moisturising Zinc Sunblock Front

Step 4. Serums: the key to your skincare success

Clinicals Alleviate AM Anti-Ageing Calming Day Repair Serum Front

Day serums:

Can be added as a base layer to protect and hydrate your skin before you add any other products or makeup in the morning. They are like vitamin supplements for your face and are a key way to boost your skincare potency in winter.

Try any of these Clinicals AM (day) serums, which also address specific skin conditions such as redness/rosacea, pigmentation or acne-prone/oily skin conditions.

Night serums:

Work through the night to repair and rejuvenate skin without the added distractions of sun, wind, pollution and daily stress distracting the delivery of benefits to the deeper layers of your skin.

These Clinicals PM (night) serums, which also address specific skin conditions such as redness/rosacea, pigmentation or acne-prone/oily skin conditions.

Clinicals Shift PM Anti-Ageing Pigmentation Night Serum Front

Step 5. If your skincare doesn’t work for your skin, then change it

Finally, look at the skincare that you are using and if it isn’t producing visible results in two weeks (yes, that’s right, one fortnight), then try something else. We recommend Clinicals.

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Skin conditions such as acne skin, rosacea, sensitive skin, skin inflammation and ageing skin can be targeted effectively with Clinicals because our products have been designed to be chirally correct (no adverse reactions), corneotherapeutic (no impairment or damage to the epidermal barrier) and have skin integrity: the best skin care products work with your skin, not against it.

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