Knowing how your skincare works is the secret to beautiful skin

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of your body? Covering inner organs, tissue, muscle, bones and ligaments, it has an important role in maintaining body temperature, immunity against disease, and hydration levels in your system.
It also synthesises necessary vitamins and minerals into your body for optimal health – specifically in the synthesis of Vitamin D, protection of Vitamin B folates, the formation of scar tissue (skin trauma) and pigmentation, (a reaction to UV sun damage which over-produces melanin on the top of the skin).

Skin Structure

There are two basic layers to your skin: the epidermis and the dermis.

The outer layer, epidermis, is made of four separate layers which hydrate, control body temperature and keep infection from entering the bloodstream.

The underlayer, the dermis, is made of connective tissues, blood and fat cells that hold the strength and elasticity your body needs to resist skin infection and ageing.

Clinicals Skin Science | How Skin Works

What contributes to your skin’s appearance?

Factors that contribute to how your skin looks fall into three areas for consideration:

  1. Genetic factors: The genetic behaviour and hormonal structure of your skin as developed through your family DNA. Cellular skincare may be able to reverse certain skin predispositions as rosacea or pigmentation.
  2. External factors: Harmful sun, wind, UV damage and even pollution all contribute to the ageing of skin. Sun protection is the most important habit you can cultivate to fight anti-ageing.
  3. Internal factors: lifestyle, sleep, hydration and diet all affect the skin in much the same way as every other organ in the body. Planning how you live, exercise, relax and eat all affect how healthy, glowing or beautiful skin can appear.

It is through a multi-faceted approach to skincare that skincare and beauty products can improve conditions such as acne-prone skin, skin redness and rosacea, hyper-pigmentation or ageing skin.

How Clinicals Dermally Active Skincare works with your skin

Skin conditions such as acne skin, rosacea, sensitive skin, skin inflammation and ageing skin can be targeted effectively with Clinicals because our products have been designed to be chirally correct (no adverse reactions), corneotherapeutic (no impairment or damage to the epidermal barrier) and have skin integrity: the best skin care products work with your skin, not against it.

Non-abrasive technique yields quick and visible results

Clinicals’ unique treatment philosophy is to not use damaging acids, chemical peels or abrasives: neither on the skin, in the deeper layers of the skin, or in product ingredients.
By focusing on what the skin requires on a daily basis through product efficacy (see below), this luxurious and effective skincare rage delivers remarkable – and visible – results in as little as 2 weeks.

Four rules for effective skincare products

There are 4 basic and simple rules that Clinicals uses to dictate the efficacy (the ability to produce the desired result) of every skincare product they produce:

  1. What are the Active ingredients?
  2. What form are they in?
  3. What percentage are the actives?
  4. What’s the delivery system? (How do they get sent to the right place?

Maximum, long-term, sustainable results can only be achieved if a product understands all of these points.
If you are considering using a skincare product range, it should be able to clearly explain: how much of which active ingredient is being used, and how it is being delivered to the right layers of the skin. Simple!

Cellular skincare at your fingertips

The best skincare products know how the skin works and how skin care treatment works with skin, not against it – try Clinicals Dermally Active Skincare for glowing skin that starts with the cellular layer of care.

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