Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some common questions about Clinicals and our Product Range.

For Stockists

How will the Clinicals skincare range benefit my business?

Clinicals is a small, yet effective, skincare range that will minimise the financial outlay to stock your shelves when compared to other skincare ranges on the market.

As the range does not allow online discounted sales, this will help to maintain your clients and prevent cheaper online purchases elsewhere. A small range means easier sales for your therapists too.

What is Clinicals’ return policy?

Clinicals skincare will replace any damaged, faulty or leaking products if received. If the client has an allergic reaction, we are happy to have the stockist return the products with a full explanation of how and why this happened. Clinicals will be happy to review and replace the unusable products by the client if warranted. Read more information in our returns policy.

Does Clinicals offer any incentives to Therapists?

Clinicals are always happy to reward therapists who excel in product sales. Clinicals is happy to also work with the stockist to help drive and incentivise their staff – please contact us for more information.

Does Clinicals have any professional, in-salon, and/or backbar products?

Yes, Clinicals have a selection of professional use only products to compliment your facial treatments. This works in synergy with the Clinicals retail range and will help to onsell it to your clients, once they experience them through the treatments.

Skin Science

What makes Clinicals skincare unique?

Clinicals Skincare uses 2 unique delivery systems to drive active ingredients, in the correct form to the dermal layer of the skin. As most skin problems lie in the dermis, we are able to treat the concerns as we have the ability to reach them.

Product Range

Can I use Clinicals skincare products with my other products?

As our Clinicals Skincare has delivery systems, it’s best not to as you could penetrate ingredients that are not bioavailable to the skin and cause an adverse reaction. You can however use the CLENZ and the MINC as these 2 Clinicals products don’t contain any delivery systems.

How soon after starting the Clinicals skincare routine will I see an improvement in my skin?

As the Clinicals skincare range is a cosmeceutical range and has concentrated active ingredients that reach the dermis, you will notice an improvement in as little as 2 weeks!

Skin Types

I have very sensitive skin and have tried many products but nothing seems to work. Can this range help my skin?

Yes, this range is chiral, which means it is purified, so you can’t have an adverse reaction (which usually leads to the cause of sensitivity). They also contain anti inflammatories and work with your skin and not against it. We don’t use any aggressive exfoliants or impair the epidermal barrier. This means skin will not be irritated and repaired with this range.


Can the Clinicals range treat Acne?

Yes, Clinicals has a very effective, yet gentle approach to treating acne and oily breakout skin without stripping or causing inflammation to the surface. With powerful antibacterials and delivery systems, we can drive the active ingredients to the dermis where the bacteria lies and help to get it under control. The Clinicals acne product range uses a multi aspect approach, which will not only treat the breakouts, but also pigmentation, inflammation, redness and reduce pitted scarring.

Clinicals Dermally Active Skincare Products - A Unique Approach to the Future of Skincare.

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“Clinicals products are exceptionally good. Am using and absolutely loving the Clinicals Minc Natural Moisturiser. This superior sunscreen formula feels amazing on my skin! Thank you Sia for providing the perfect skin care collection for all skin types!”

-Karen Jewell

“I live in outback South West QLD where QLD meets NSW and SA. The desert climate and water are harsh on my skin and dehydrating. There is no way I would be without my daily routine of Clinicals Release and Clinicals Alleviate AM and PM products - I now glow in the desert rather than shrivel.”

-Emma Osman

"I thought there was nothing that could be done to help my red and sensitive skin, as I have tried so many products in the past. After 6 weeks my skin is showing a dramatic improvement. I am so happy, thank you!"


"I love how this product have calmed my skin and improved my complexion!"


"I suffered from bad marks on my skin from teen acne. I have clear skin but couldn’t remove the marks after using so many products. I was recommended to use the Clinicals range and my skin is almost clear after using the products for 3 months. Thank you."